Meet The LABB’s designer…


At 32, the British designer behind LABB is already at the head of a twenty-strong creative team. And had the maturity to evolve his eponymous brand after five years in order to reposition his work. The new studio, Layer, was launched barely a year ago, and has brought with it a new design approach that is more positive, meaningful, sustainable and environmental. Benjamin Hubert designs for change.

Some things happen for a reason. Brasport Group approached Benjamin Hubert to materialise its LABB project simply because he was best qualified to meet the functional, stylistic and holistic specifications of the new-generation strap. He has some impressive credentials, after all: British Design Awards Design of the Year, Fast company Innovation by Design award: Best product, Red Dot, IF awards and EDIDA Young Designer of the Year.

What looks good on paper proves just as remarkable in practice. Benjamin Hubert has combined form and function in a watch strap that’s 21 by 115, and a mere 1.73 millimetres thick. We’re talking microscopic here, measured in decimillimetres. For the founder of Layer, however, the challenge lay not in the technical whys and wherefores – they’re familiar ground – but elsewhere: “The real stimulation was about the packaging quality, the purchasing experience, the unboxing and recycling possibilities. It’s all about experiences, but not to the detriment of the world we live in. The agency aims to create timeless objects that surpass trends and fashions, objects that take inspiration from the fast-moving lives we lead. Our job is to use design to provide durable, ethical, social and environmental solutions.”


Benjamin explores each project from multiple angles – problems, solutions, values, materials, uses, etc. These are the “layers” that define his studio and his way of working, never afraid to go against the grain. For example, he reduiced the amount of furniture design the studio was producing so as not to add his creations to the 6,500 new products presented each year in Milan. Whereas once his time was calculated in terms of “lost pitches”, he decided on a more meaningful use by donating time to charity. Now he’s using crowdspeaking to generate interest in the studio, when others are fundraising through already more traditional platforms. It is this attitude, one that shines through in everything he designs and does, that convinced Noomoon to task this rule-breaking, forward-looking, human-focused designer with its project. #Thanks for making it so great.


Profession: DESIGNER
Nationality: GB
Based in: LONDRES