About noomoon

Noomoon is all about a shared dynamic and common synergies. With decades of experience in the B2B market, Brasport Group had always entertained the idea of developing its own watch straps. The right moment, the right team and a revolutionary concept convinced the Group to take the plunge, and Noomoon saw daylight in autumn 2016, in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The products it creates carry a Swiss passport, stamped with all the visas they need to succeed thanks to the expertise of Brasport Group staff and suppliers around the globe. #Swiss engineered.

About Brasport Group

Every story has a beginning. For Brasport, this takes us back to 1946 when Albert Dubois set up his business in La Chaux-de-Fonds, designing and manufacturing watch straps and leathergoods. The company soon made itself indispensable, as its rapid expansion shows. Over successive generations, Brasport has become a holding company and developed its services in line with new requirements. Backed by its R&D division, the Group continues to build on its heritage, implements the very latest technology and is already planning the future, all the while using the same artisanal techniques it has always used, inherited from master-saddlers. A blend of precision and intuition, rigour and creativity, hand-in-hand with the most renowned watchmakers.

Brasport is at the head of multiple production sites, and each year manufactures over two million watch straps and leathergoods for every segment of the market. It is also equipped to handle after-sales service on its clients’ behalf, working directly with their subsidiaries and stores. The key, as with each of its collaborations, is a project tailor-made to meet specific needs that will promote each partner’s values.

What makes Noomoon different?

At Noomoon, an object equals an experience. We achieve this by rethinking, revisiting and reinterpreting everyday accessories. We also make it our business to give you the choice, leaving you free to mix and match colours for each strap half. And you have to admit, our products are pretty revolutionary!

Where can I buy the LABB?

You can show your support as of November 1st by joining our Kickstarter campaign. Two clicks and your LABB is pre-ordered. And for those who like to play safe… the LABB will be available on our e-commerce site in early 2017.

@distributors… if you want to be part of the Noomoon experience and distribute our straps, contact us at hello@noomoon.ch.

When can I wear the LABB?

Whenever you like! These straps are designed to go wherever you go. There’s nothing the LABB loves more than new experiences! We’d like to say you can even wear the LABB on the moon, but to be honest we haven’t tested that one yet…

How do I fasten the LABB?

Revolutionary is one way to describe the LABB; uncomplicated is another. Even so, we’ve put together a short guide to help you get to grips with your new strap. Like any experience, just open your eyes and check that the two halves are interlocked.

  1. Fit the strap halves as shown below: 
  2. Use your middle finger to hold the half with the bumps against your wrist.Use your index finger and thumb to pull on the half with the holes. 
  3. Align the holes with the bumps. 
  4. Press on the strap and slide your thumb along both sides.Check the two halves have meshed. 

How does the LABB work?

The LABB is a patented invention. The two halves of the strap simply press together, with no need for a buckle or loop. An internal grip reinforces the fastening system on the wrist. The overlapping halves grip along their entire surface and the tip cannot move. What’s more, tractive effort is spread across the multiple elements that hold the strap in place, for maximum resistance.

How do I wear the LABB?

Good question. First things first, we made it unisex. Now all you have to do is take your pick of the colours and invent your own combinations.

What's this new material?

Here’s our chance to blind you with science! The material in question is Anergon, and it’s 100% Swiss-made. This unique, future-proofed object – call it a UFO – is supple, soft to the touch, odourless, resistant – and smart. Hundreds of different elastomers and over four hundred pigment types were compared, tested and evaluated to put together formulations that can be used to produce any colour under the sun. Anergon’s mechanical properties are simply amazing too: virtually impossible to scratch, it holds up well to traction, bending and deformation. Of course, it is also resistant to water and a whole host of other potentially harmful agents. As for the numbers, it costs ten times more than silicon.

Can I mix colours?

Absolutely, it’s part of the fun! In which case you’ll have to buy two bands.

How do I care for my band ?

To keep your band as good as new, we recommend you clean it with water and a toothbrush.

Can I fit the band to any watch ?

LABB bands are designed to fit Apple Watches and watches with straight spring bars. We recommend wearing your band on watches that are not too thick or heavy.

What is the LABB "Quick release" system ?

It’s a spring bar system that enables you to change bands quickly and simply without any special tools.

Sizing information (size chart)

For the moment, the lucky owners of a 42mm Apple Watch can enjoy the LABB. But don’t worry, we’ll soon be branching out with a strap for the 38mm version and much more. The LABB fits wrist sizes from 155mm to 220mm.

Are payment and shopping on your site secure?

Totally secure. Our order page uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the most widespread security protocol, to create an encrypted connection between two users. You can use Paypal or credit card. Happy shopping!

Orders & tracking

How do I suscribe to the NOOMOON newsletter and what are the benefits ?

To subscribe, simply enter your email in the box at the bottom of any page on our website. By signing up, you stay informed on our latest products as well as exclusive offers.

How long before my order ship ?

We guarantee that your order will be processed and ready for shipping within two business days (Monday to Friday) from the time your order is confirmed.

Where can I track my order ?

We send an order confirmation by email. As soon as your order has been dispatched, you receive a second email with a tracking number. Click on the link provided to go to the carrier’s website where you can track your order.

How will I receive my invoice ?

Your invoice is sent by email once your order is confirmed.

Payment & delivery

What types of payment do you accept ?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • PayPal

How long before I receive my order ?

You can åchoose Standard or Priority delivery when you select your shipping method.

What are delivery costs ?

Cost is based on whether you choose Standard or Priority delivery. Depending where the order is shipped to, you may also have to pay customs charges.

Do you deliver to international destinations ?

We currently deliver to a certain number of countries worldwide. If your preferred delivery destination isn’t on the list below, contact us at hello@noomoon.ch and we’ll let you know if we can deliver to that address.

  • Europe — via Amazon : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
  • United States – via our e-shop : We deliver to all addresses in the United States.
  • Asia – via our e-shop : Hong Kong.

Exchanges, returns & refunds

Can I return my order ?

If your order is damaged or faulty, please get in touch with us at hello@noomoon.ch within 7 days of delivery. You will need a return confirmation before you can return your product.

What is your returns/refunds policy ?

For an exchange or refund, a product must be returned in perfect condition and in its original packaging – and only after you have received a return confirmation from NOOMOON.

A refund will be issued within 14 days of the return being delivered to us.

The returned product must be sent by post to the address below. We recommend that you use recorded delivery:


Unit A & B, 28/F

235 Wing Lok Street Trade Center

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

T. +852 3549 6908

Still not getting your answers? Email us at hello@noomoon.ch. You can also contact us on Twitter, on Facebook or on Instagram @noomoon_switzerland #noomoon_switzerland