LABB for Apple Watch


Customize your Apple Watch with the LABB.

Choose your Lug width (Apple Watch)

Choose your Lug color

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The only watch band of its kind: it evacuates perspiration, feels exceptionally comfortable, and doubles up as a fidget… you’ll see!

Less is more

The LABB’s strength lies in its apparent simplicity. No buckle, no loop, but a secure, hard-wearing, easy-to-use fastener. #smallbutstrong

Tech specs


At Noomoon, we speak a language full of acronyms and technical terms. The LABB is the perfect expression of the innovative, 100% Swiss material from which it’s made: anergon. A unique, future-proofed object – call it a UFO. – that is supple, soft to the touch, odourless, waterproof, resistant, smart and skin-friendly. #anergon