To say that Brasport has evolved since 1946 would be an understatement. Over seventy years, the holding company has increased in both size and scope, implementing the latest technologies, extending its geographic coverage and expanding the workforce. The Brasport Group now encompasses sales offices, production centres, over a thousand staff and five in-house brands: Brasport, Noomoon, Noleti, A2i and DLC. In practical terms, this gives the Group the means to trade on an international scale from locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Portugal, China, Thailand and, of course, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, where it all began.


Brasport Group has assigned its Research & Development centre the triple mission to develop innovative procedures, create innovative products… and make its closely-guarded expertise a clear advantage in the competition for domestic and international trade. The R&D division imagines, invents, fine-tunes and tests solutions, whether to optimise production or stay ahead of changing requirements. Each of these solutions is put through its paces to guarantee performance of the utmost effectiveness. This quest for perfection applies across the board, from the most legendary products to the latest state-ofthe-art innovations. Advances in technology have naturally motivated the holding company to branch out and develop new competencies alongside its expertise in leather, all within its «native» environment of watchmaking: 3D simulations, machining of fully-finished prototypes for individual models and small series, specialist tool production, making matrixes and moulds, manufacturing external parts for watches, and strap inserts. The team at the R&D centre also monitors developments in the field and fosters interaction between partners, clients and regulatory bodies. In fact Brasport Group is one of the founders of Association pour l’Assurance Qualité des Fabricants de Bracelets de Cuir (AQC), a leading organisation in the quality control of leather straps. An association of leather strap manufacturers and suppliers to the watch industry, its mission is to create an environment which demonstrates complete command of the leather strap supply chain. By putting itself in the front line, Brasport Group makes clear its determination to preserve exceptional expertise and, more importantly, guarantee a completely safe and secure product for the end user.


A heritage and expertise acquired over seven decades combined with an international outlook make Brasport Group ideally positioned to innovate and stay ahead. A sense of family, loyalty, commitment and the proud upholding of Swiss values have made the Group’s five brands references in their field. A partner to leading names and at the head of several private labels, the Group uses the advantages it has built to continue to grow: it doesn’t wait for opportunities to arise; it makes its own. With Noomoon, for example, it steps squarely into the world of connected technology and smart accessories.



Every story has a beginning. For Brasport, this takes us back to 1946 when Albert Dubois set up his business in La Chaux-de-Fonds, designing and manufacturing watch straps and leathergoods. The company soon made itself indispensable, as its rapid expansion shows. Over successive generations, Brasport has become a holding company and developed its services in line with new requirements. Backed by its R&D division, the Group continues to build on its heritage, implements the very latest technology and is already planning the future, all the while using the same artisanal techniques it has always used, inherited from master-saddlers. A blend of precision and intuition, rigour and creativity, hand-in-hand with the most renowned watchmakers. Brasport is at the head of multiple production sites, and each year manufactures over two million watch straps and leathergoods for every segment of the market. It is also equipped to handle after-sales service on its clients’ behalf, working directly with their subsidiaries and stores. The key, as with each of its collaborations, is a project tailor-made to meet specific needs that will promote each partner’s values.


As well as being the Dubois family home and the Brasport Group head office, in 2011 a new occupant moved into number 10, Rue Crêt-Rossel. Noleti channels the expertise it has inherited from Brasport into luxury leather bags and accessories. From making the specialist tools needed to cut and work the different leathers, to manufacturing the base studs and the ellipse that signs each creation, everything takes place within the four walls of the workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Each bag is the result of over 120 separate stages and takes two and a half days to complete. Noleti makes excellence the hallmark of Swiss leathergoods. Activities are shared between Switzerland and Portugal. Head office looks after orders placed with the showrooms, prestige leathers (python, alligator, ostrich and calfskin), and semi-custom, which proposes a given style in a selection of leathers from which the customer can choose. Portugal specialises in high-volume orders as well as bags and accessories in traditional leathers. Having itself inherited Brasport’s expertise, Noleti knows how important it is to safeguard these skills, and thus takes training seriously. An investment that reaps its reward as the next generation of craftsmen immediately master the complex techniques which are inherent to the leathers used, and the articles made.


With Noomoon, the Group flies in the face of tradition and lets imagination take over! Workshops have morphed into labs; leather mingles with futuristic elastomers; tradition makes way for science as the Group reaches out to connected consumers. Noomoon imagines, develops, creates and designs 2.0 watch accessories and other objects, from revolutionary to downright «why-did-nobody-think-of-that-before» simplicity. The Noomoon team are the mad scientists of watch straps. Their first stroke of genius goes by the name of LABB, short for Loopless And Buckleless Band. Or what happens when you cross a Lego with some Velcro. Noomoon has transformed the watch strap and made it a thing of the future, a place where design and function melt into one. And the Swiss have plenty more tricks up their sleeve. The Noomoon reflex is catching, it’s just a matter of time.